BabyBjörn Baby Products

BabyBjörn is a Swedish company specializing in baby products. The company started its business as a family-owned business by Björn and Lillemor Jakobson in 1961. It is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and its products are available in more than 40 different countries around the world. BabyBjörn has international subsidiaries, reaching across the globe, including North America, Europe, Japan, China, Korea, and South East Asia. Although they have various baby products, BabyBjörn is now best known for its high quality and durable baby carriers.

Lillemor and Björn Jakobson
Photo: Lillemor (Left), Björn Jakobson (Right).

Baby carriers provide mobility to parents while allowing them to take care of their young ones. Hence for parents (especially the new ones), a baby carrier is much more than a carrier. For the mother or father to do their work with maximum freedom, BabyBjörn makes sure that the carrier fits her or his body type. The straps are flexible enough for the parent to move around freely. BabyBjörn products are distinguished by their simple, classic yet modern design and their lack of unnecessary details. They also have soft angles that are suitable for babies. Good design will always be about both function and appeal. Their products are timeless and appealing to parents and babies.

Furthermore, the baby carrier should also be comfortable for the baby. The parent may consider consulting the shop assistant to understand better how to position the baby inside the carrier. Also, making sure that the material of the carrier is breathable is important. Most baby carriers are padded with foam for ensuring airflow and for softness. Lastly, care is taken to firm the straps and support the baby’s weight.


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