Best Solar Security Light for Your Home

What is Solar Security Light?

What’s the solar security light about? Is it worth buying? Why should you give up what you’re used to for something you’ve never tried? With the increasing global tilt towards renewable energy sources, solar-powered appliances and machines are beginning to get into mainstream life. One way you can take advantage of solar technology is through security lights. Solar can be a very useful resource, whether it’s a security light for your driveway, garage, or around your home.

But is it worth spending money on? If you’ve ever considered the idea of installing solar security lights but do not have sufficient information to make a decision, you have come to the right page. This article provides answers to all the questions you have about solar security lights so that whatever decision you make will be from an informed position.

How long do solar security lights last?

Do solar security lights last forever? That’s a question that many people have asked for so long. There are three components to consider when it comes to solar lights: LED, solar panels, and batteries. On average, LEDs can last as long as 10 years. That is a decade of continuous use without any need for replacement. On the other hand, Batteries can last between 3 and 5 years before a replacement is required.

Typically a solar panel has a lifespan of about 30 years. This also depends on its location, exposure to corrosion, and other factors. You may enjoy it for as much as 35 years or as low as 25 years. Some newer models can be used for up to 50 years. Certainly, you won’t expect your solar security light to last forever. There will be sunlight for as long as there is life. However, the main physical components of a solar security light will wear over time and require repairs or maintenance.

Are solar-powered security lights worthwhile to buy?

The simple answer is Yes, and we’ll explain why. There are several parameters with which you can determine whether anything is worth buying.

  • Cost

Compared to regular security lights connected to the power grid, the initial investment for solar security lights is higher. This is because you’ll need to buy LEDs, solar panels, and batteries. Some come together as a single product. However, using a solar security light over time is cheaper than regular electric lights. The cost of energy consumption and bulb replacements over the cause of a lifetime may eventually surpass the initial investment in a solar security light.

Let’s explain: A typical 48 Watt LED light would attract about $9 monthly in energy charges, the same as a simple 175 Watt Mercury Vapor Light, while 400 Watts would cost $14 monthly. It means you’d spend $108 annually on the 175 Watt Mercury Vapor/48 Watt LED and $168 annually on the 400 Watt light. In five years, you’d have spent $540 or $840 respectively on energy costs.

  • Maintenance

Maintenance is almost non-existent when you’re using a solar security light. You can use those for as long as 5 years without spending a dime on any form of maintenance. A regular electric incandescent bulb connected to the national grid would’ve been replaced at least 30 times within the same period. At the cost of between 70 cents and $1, that would amount to about $30 in five years on bulb replacement.

  • Sustainability

This subject has taken the front burner on global policy in recent years. Sustainable energy sources like solar is one of those being advocated to save the planet. So, you won’t just be saving money on a long-term basis, and you will also be saving the earth.

What are the brightest solar security lights?

When you shop for a solar security light, be sure to look out for the brightest models. We picked these products based on their LUMEN Ratings for brightness. Here are the top 5 brightest solar security lights on the market.

  1. Gebosun Solar Led Flood Light
  2. TBI Outdoor Security Solar Lights
  3. CYBERDAX 100W Solar Light
  4. SEFON 310 LED Solar Lights
  5. LITOM 300 LED Solar Lights

How to mount solar security lights?

So, you’ve just got delivery of the solar security lights you ordered. The next step is installing them. You may take the easy route and simply call in a professional. But if you want to get things done yourself and put your skillsets to the test, here is a guide to help you out.

Steps to install a solar security light

  • Get your materials in place. We suspect you already have all the materials; the LED, the solar panel or security light + panel, cables (if needed), batteries, and so on. Ensure you have all these in place.
  • What tools do you need? This largely depends on where you want to mount your security lights. In most cases, a pole is preferred. That means you’ll need a pole (if one is not already in place), a drill, a small drill bit, a ladder, a hammer, and, perhaps, a compass. Other times, the lights can be mounted just on the scaffold of your building.
  • Pick a spot. This is exactly why you need a compass. You need to pick a location where your solar panel is towards the sun. You should be able to determine your East and West, but be sure to keep cord distance between solar panel and light in mind.
  • Begin installation. You’ll need to measure correctly and drill holes for mounting the panel bracket. If you do not already have a light stand or pole, erect one and fix your bulb or LED. Once mounted, run the cord carefully and connect it to the battery and the panel.

What are the top 5 solar LED security lights?

This list is based on the LUMEN rating, illuminating strength, wattage, and verified customer reviews.

  1. AmeriTop Outdoor Solar Lights
  2. Gelpal Outdoor 2200LM 6500K Solar Lights
  3. KERNOWO Outdoor Solar Lights
  4. Fatpoom Outdoor Solar Lights
  5. LECLSTAR Outdoor Solar Lights with Motion Sensor

What are the best solar-powered motion security lights?

  1. AmeriTop Outdoor Motion Solar Lights
  2. EHO Solar Motion Lights
  3. Luposwiten Motion Sensor Solar Lights
  4. VOSONX Solar Motion Sensor Lights
  5. Claoner Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Buying guide for solar security lights:

There are several parameters to consider if you want to buy a solar-powered security light. These include;

  • Brightness

Anyone that wants to buy security lights will certainly want them to illuminate brightly. To determine the level of brightness, look out for the LUMEN rating. Smaller accent lights and motion Activated models will often have a LUMEN rating between 100 and 600, while high-powered outdoor lights will be rated from 1,000 to 12,000. For the best results, stay above the 2,000 LUMEN mark. However, you’ll find budget models between the 1,000 and 4,000 LUMEN rating bracket.

  • Coverage/Distance

This refers to how much area the light can cover. Some lights may have great brightness but very poor reach. It would be best if you found the balance. Depending on your needs, small lights can cover a 10-foot radius, whereas high-end models can cover as much as 100 sq feet and more. Pay attention to 60-degree lights if what you need is more coverage.

  • Battery

The type and capacity of the battery are also major factors to consider when buying a solar security light. There are three types of batteries: NiMH, Lead, and Lithium-ion batteries. You can either do Lead or Lithium-ion for solar lights because they are more powerful. It would be best to choose the li-ion batteries for the best results and portability, even though they are more expensive. In terms of capacity, stay above the 2,000mAh mark.

  • Material/Build Quality

The build quality of the solar panel should also be on your checklist. There are three common types: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous. Amorphous is the cheapest but has the lowest energy efficiency rating. Its conversion rate is also poor. The polycrystalline panel has a 16% energy conversion rate, often not good enough. We advise you choose a monocrystalline panel, with a conversion rate of almost 21% at its peak. It is also highly efficient.

  • Type of Bulb

MH, HID, Halogen, CFL, and LED are the most common types. It would help if you chose LED lights for durability, long lifespan, energy efficiency, and compactness. Its diodes are perfect for outdoor use and very durable. Also, its lifespan can exceed 50,000 hours, and it takes up less energy while producing more lighting.

  • Wattage

In wattage, you should consider the bulb and the solar panel. Panels with a wattage between 10 and 20 Watts will give you perfect outdoor illumination. There are also smaller, cheaper 1 to 5 watts units for controlled spaces. For bulbs, try to get LED bulbs between 50 and 100 Watts.

  • Sensor

For the sake of security and power-saving, you need to also pay attention to solar security lighting units with photo or Motion sensors. This will ensure your security light comes on only when motion is detected within a certain range or only when necessary. The photosensor will ensure the light is only turned on when darkness is detected. Once dawn shows up, the light goes off. These Sensors are of different types, and they work with angles and distances.

  • Price

After considering other factors for buying, price becomes a major determinant. Most of these lights will go for under $100, but other high-end solar lights will cost above $100. Some include the WisHomee 120W LED Solar Street Lights and the Ring Solar Floodlight.

  • Waterproof/Weatherproof

The IP rating of the product usually marks this. Look out for ratings from IP44 to IP64 for protection against water (like rainfall) and other liquids and dust. Those with multiple features will often have an IP68 rating.

How much does a solar security light cost?

Generally, you’ll find a solar security light for as low as $20 or as high as $150. It often depends on the LUMEN rating, wattage, durability, features, and brightness. At the end of the day, you should choose the product that falls within your budget and specifications. However, try not to compromise on quality because of price.

Final Notes

We hope this guide has provided all the useful information you need to decide. A quick recap: solar security lights are great, energy-efficient, cost-effective in the long run, and sustainable. Based on our investigation and verified customer reviews, we have also recommended some products here. You can choose from our lists and enjoy the peace that comes with security.

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